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Getting riotous laughter while discussing the fine points of taxonomy is not the norm for today’s technical sessions, but two experts on taxonomy, Seth Earley and Theresa Regli, had CM Pros rolling in.

Admittedly lacking Documentum’s scalability and breadth, solutions such as Ektron CMS.Net. both companies have taxonomy technology, which analysts say could converge into a solution to challenge.

Convera also has released its new Taxonomy Workbench, used for customizing and making. SemioDiscovery 1.0 merges browsing across multiple taxonomies with full-text and metadata search. Ektron’s.

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Ektron has announced the release of Ektron CMS400.Net v7.5. and send emails and alerts. You can also search for other users, share photos, join discussions, and everything else your company is.

Ektron has announced an eIntranet plug-in built with Seesmic. more effective knowledge sharing and collaboration in the enterprise. Instead of having to search for information, the information.

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Ektron has announced a new partnership initiative that aligns it with market leaders to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions that protect and measurably enhance customers’ enterprise technology.

IBM’s Workplace Web Content Management 6.0 covers all the basics, has excellent taxonomy and metadata facilities well-suited for complex needs, and is helpful for companies that need broadly localized.

search and retrieval, language understanding, collaborative technologies, and document and content management systems." As they become more pervasive, he says, users will have to know less about using.

In a move it says is designed to increase flexibility of content management-driven Web sites, Ektron announces that its flagship offering. XML indexing for advanced search, content.

"We wanted to enhance the power of our search capability," says Gerri Potash. companies reach their customers in many local languages," says Bill Rogers, CEO of Ektron. Ektron has developed two.

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Ingeniux supports XML schema for metadata and a number of common W3C elements. The taxonomy is used for faceted search, tag clouds, navigation and related links. Ingeniux support the integration of a.

DC: We are building technology that assists customers with migrating their content, and broader taxonomy (metadata. using KnowledgeTree’s search engine or even kick off a workflow that manages the.

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Ektron ektron.com) offers a collaborative environment for document. VIP Content Miner employs intelligent semantic search technology for flexible information retrieval across the enterprise. A.

The Enterprise Solutions Showcase is a one-stop shop for serious buyers to meet with vendors offering knowledge management, content management, enterprise search, and SharePoint-related products &.

Lou Jordano is the chief marketing officer for Attivio. He has held marketing leadership positions at Ektron, TIBCO Software, and EMC Corporation.

Ektron has introduced CMS400.NET Version 6.0. workflow and publishing rules where appropriate; • AJAX-enhanced search—improve visitors’ search experience and help them find information quickly with.

Using natural language processing and smart search technology, RightNow seeks out relevance. The Answer Console would benefit from better taxonomy options and more keyword assistance to guide.