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Less than a week after launching a fundraising campaign to save the Tesla Tower, comic website The Oatmeal has reached its goal — and. With the funds, he says he hopes to convert Wardenclyffe,

Dec 27, 2013  · Mr. Oatmeal sir, I’m a long time reader, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from your comics its that Sriracha, while hard to pronounce, is the shit. But you’ve also strengthened my conviction that Nikola Tesla was a wonderful scientist and engineer, who did way more stuff for mankind than that Edison douche nobody cares about.

Yesterday, on Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday, it was announced that Musk ponied up $1 million, thus proving that if you pester someone enough through amusing comics and/or Twitter, you just might stir.

Nikola Tesla, would be celebrating his 158th birthday. For the occasion, one of the man’s greatest admirers, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, is donating $1 million to a Tesla museum project. You might.

Tesla Born to Serbian parents in what is now modern-day Croatia: Nikola Tesla was born a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in what was then called the "Military Frontier", in the village of Smiljan, on the stroke of midnight on July 10th, 1856: 1875: Tesla begins technical schooling in Graz, Austria

Aug 16, 2012  · But Tesla’s underground lab has remained in tact. The property is currently for sale for $1.6 million. And, according to Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, a non-profit is trying to buy it to build the only Tesla museum in the United States, the Nikola Tesla Science Center. (There is currently a Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia.)

Jun 1, 2014. Truly the epitome of a mad scientist, Nikola Tesla's scientific brilliance is matched by his equally notable eccentricities.

Nikola Tesla was an Inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. He is the man who harnessed lightning, a true genius, he envisioned new technologies far before their time and claimed to have had contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Tesla boosters of the 21st century will tell you that Tesla was the embodiment of all that is good in the world — Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal did just that in one of his more recent comics, "Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived."They’ll tell you that Tesla’s struggles against professional adversaries like Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse (both of whom Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary man. Nikola Tesla accomplished more in his lifetime than many of us could ever hope to achieve in a 100 lifetimes. Tesla held over 300 different patents, spanning several countries. From wireless technology to alternating current, electric motors, Radio, X-Rays, radar and laser technology…the list goes on.

A couple of years ago, The Oatmeal launched an indiegogo campaing to buy the property of Nikola Tesla’s former laboratory, in New York. The campaign was

Edison & Tesla. Nikola Tesla's direct association with Edison was very brief. Tesla began work at the Edison Machine Works on 8 June, 1884. The only record in.

The development of a museum dedicated to the life and works Nikola Tesla has moved one step. The fundraising effort, called “Let’s build a goddamn Tesla museum“, was devised by web comic The.

One-hundred and fifty-eight years ago today, a little boy was born in what is now Croatia, and he would grow up to do amazing things, which are really best explained not by me, but by one of Nikola.

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Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library/Getty The latest crowdfunding campaign for the Nikola Tesla museum is closing in on its $200,000 goal, less than two days after it started. The Oatmeal.

Efforts to build a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla are continuing. cartoonist Inman of The Oatmeal on crowd funding site Indiegogo that attracted 33,000 donors and the efforts of a core of Long.

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May 14, 2014  · Matthew Inman, the cartoonist behind The Oatmeal, wrote an illustrated love letter to his Tesla Model S this week. He followed it up with an out-of-the-blue request for $8 million from Tesla co.

Sep 22, 2012. As long ago as the Gilded Age, scientist Nikola Tesla was a celebrity. The Oatmeal, drew more than 30,000 donations, and the Tesla Science.

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Jul 10, 2014  · On Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday, it was the effort to build a museum in the influential scientist’s honor that got the gift. On Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday, it was the effort to build a museum.

Tesla boosters of the 21st century will tell you that Tesla was the embodiment of all that is good in the world — Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal did just that in one of his more recent comics, "Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived."They’ll tell you that Tesla’s struggles against professional adversaries like Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse (both of whom Tesla.

If so, you’re probably familiar with The Oatmeal. The Oatmeal is a ridiculously popular online comic that tackles topics from grammar to the mantis shrimp to Nikola Tesla to paradoxical dogs, with.

Back in May, Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal series of Web comics, made a public plea to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk to donate a large sum of money to help make the Nikola Tesla project a reality.

Aug 17, 2012  · In the past, the popular website, Oatmeal, has been very vocal about its praise and support for Nikola Tesla, his ideas and his project. Tesla was one of the most hailed visionaries of his time, creating many cutting-edge, break-through inventions.

Oh, and thanks to Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal, we now know that the production team is very interested in Nikola Tesla. Tesla is the Serbian-born 19th century inventor best known for his work on.

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Nov 16, 2012  · Nikola Tesla the Eugenicist: Eliminating Undesirables by 2100 The inventor may have been brilliant, but his warped views on the future of the population reveals that in the end, he was still just.

May 14, 2014  · Tesla Motors shareholders and Model S owners may want to send that Model S cartoon strip in The Oatmeal to their emailing lists or social media. I did. Let’s keep it.

creator of The Oatmeal, is proving to be something of a fundraising machine with the success of his latest project, raising $850,000 to set up a museum honoring the great scientist Nikola Tesla. Tesla.

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Artist Matthew Inman on Tuesday surpassed his goal of raising $850,000 for a museum dedicated to electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla. Inman, who runs "The Oatmeal" blog, was looking to raise $850,000 via.

Local artist Amos Sterns has been working since April on the 1,500-square-foot mural which depicts Tesla’s life. “This celebration isn’t about us, or even Nikola Tesla,” said. Want to learn more.

Talk about an electric fundraising effort: This week Matthew Inman, the guy behind the comic website The Oatmeal, launched an online campaign to raise money to buy Nikola Tesla’s last laboratory and.

Over the past decade, the influential scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla has enjoyed an enormous popular resurgence. His life story has inspired a popular puff piece from the Oatmeal, the funniest.

Apr 11, 2013  · Earlier today, GeekWire readers crowned Nikola Tesla as the Geek Madness champion after he trounced Linus Torvalds in the finals. We wanted to get a little more insight into Tesla.

Nikola Tesla, a flamboyantly weird. No one has stoked this Tesla interest more than Matthew Inman of the satirical web comic The Oatmeal, whose usual subjects for comics include the annoying people.

. to supply the entire world with wireless electricity A museum dedicated to electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla is set to be built, after The Oatmeal website exceeded a target of raising $850,000.

Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) (Inventor; too many to list, including AC Current) Source: Any decent biography of Nickola Tesla. The following was sen by Darko Djurdjic, engineer of Geodesy, writing from Republic Srpska, BIH. PRODIGAL GENIUS The Life of Nikola Tesla by John J. O’Neill (1944)

Comic website The Oatmeal is on a mission to save the Tesla Tower. Matthew Inman, the site’s creator, has launched a fundraiser called "Operation Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum." The goal? To.

Image caption Nikola Tesla was increasingly eccentric in his later years Tesla. former laboratory is being planned after a crowdfunding project orchestrated by The Oatmeal cartoon site. It raised.